Process Groups

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Virtual groups due to SARS-COV-2 below

Process / Support Groups

The Process Groups at BBW are subject and content specific. These groups are therapeutic in nature and focused on individual and collective healing from past or current events. These groups are psychologically focused and in a traditional group setting. BBW process group space is reserved for adult women and requires an initial conversation prior to invitation.

Out-of-network insurance eligible

For more information and for a brief phone interview please contact: Kristin Sasser @ or 212-545-3757
Process Groups Options:

Pregnancy Support Group

Pregnancy brings many new emotions and change. This process is amplified by the SARS-COV-2 pandemic. This online group will provide a safe space for expectant mothers to process their feelings, share and connect to others, learn essential coping techniques, skill-build, and integrate helpful information in preparation for parenthood in this uncertain time. Our focus will be providing an online community for women, decreasing their isolation and anxiety and fostering hope for them and their future child/family.
This group meets weekly and will cost $40 per session, 8 week series.

Infertility Support Group

Coming Soon

New Mother's Post-Partum Group

Coming Soon

Preg/Post-Partum Process Group for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Coming Soon