Kristin Sasser

Choosing your counselor is a very personal experience. My style is to use an amalgam of techniques that are supported by evidence based medical literature. Help begins when a resonate space is found between client and counselor. Healing can begin when a client feels emotional safety, genuine connection and one’s human empathy for their life’s journey.
With two decades of experience working with new families and sixteen years of clinical one-on-one and groups, my style of work has continued to evolve and to include the newest neuropsychological and neurobiological research of the decade.
Just as my clients look for solutions rooted in positive results, I look to use styles that deeply access the emotional, psychological and relational patterns of being that we each carry in our “character” of personality. Our personality has been finely tuned throughout our life to endure and adapt to life’s struggles and triumphs. My work respects and understands the point at which our body-mind tells the story of the life we have lived thus far. We bring along with us our images of self and our deeply held beliefs based on our experiences. I help clients that seek the best that this kind of knowledge, relationship, and support can provide to one’s counseling experience.