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Kristin Sasser - clinical counselor and educator in New York City

About Me

Hello! I’m Kristin Sasser

I am a Clinical Counselor and Educator in private practice in New York City serving individuals, families, and running groups. I provide counseling and support for a wide variety of life’s issues while specializing in women’s, maternal and family health. I’m here to help.


What I Offer

Childbirth Classes

Come and learn all the basics of what you can expect from your baby’s exciting birth day


A focused approach to supporting the individual or couple

Process Groups

Therapeutic groups in nature and focused on individual and collective healing.

Prenatal Yoga/Meditation

Prenatal Yoga Flow + Mama Meditation


Meaningful community building experiences and tools for a better you


What I Treat


My Approach

Body centered treatment oriented to a person’s mind and body connection via somatic experiences and holistic bio-feedback.
Techniques that encounter and challenge patterns of thought which negatively effect behavior and mood.
Using one’s awareness to focus on feelings, thoughts, sensations in the present moment.
The practice of using relational techniques to express one’s feelings, convey meaning, effectively dialog in verbal and non-verbal language and listen to others.
Self assessment that utilizes one’s experience, object-related meaning and primary motivations to know thy self.

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